WPtouch Mobile Plugin for WordPress

In 2008 after the launch of the iPhone, my business partner and I were inspired to create what would become one of the most popular plugins for WordPress for over a decade— WPtouch.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin for WordPress

In 2007, Apple & Steve Jobs unleashed the iPhone on the world, and ever since, the world (and especially the web) have been radically changed forever.

When I first saw the iPhone, I knew it was going to change the way people used the web on mobile devices. Not long after, my business partner and I started playing with an idea to “switch” WordPress themes depending on the type of device viewing a website. We first deployed the idea on then-client Matthew Good‘s website. Matthew had decent monthly traffic and a user base that was decidedly younger and pretty hip.

It was well-liked, and we started to think “wouldn’t everyone want this?!?”

For the next several months in our spare time we worked on a version which could support any WordPress website, and in the Spring of 2008 we launched the free version on WordPress.org. Within about a year we had skyrocketing downloads, and had a hit plugin on our hands.

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