WPtouch Pro Mobile Plugin for WordPress

In 2010 after two years of the free plugin becoming more and more popular, my business partner and I decided to try and make a go of selling a Pro version of the plugin. Paid WordPress plugins barely existed at the time, and so the venture was very much a big unknown. We went on to collect 30,000 customers in over 100 countries worldwide with the product over the next 6 years.

WPtouch Pro Mobile Plugin for WordPress

In November of 2010, at BraveNewCode we released WPtouch Pro, our commercial version of our popular free WordPress version. Sales initially were modest, but over the next 6 years we built a stable software business and had full transitioned from a service-based company into a product company.

WPtouch Pro offered a variety of different themes and extensions that could be installed and configured to customize the mobile version of your site. 

From 2010 – 2016 we released 3 major versions of the product, and hundreds of minor updates in between.

We gained over 30,000 customers in 100 countries worldwide.

In late 2016, WPtouch & WPtouch Pro were acquired by SureSwift Capital.

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